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RegNet Environmental Services

The growth in the scope and impact of environmental regulation in the last twenty years is unprecedented and challenges even the most diligent organizations to ensure their operational practices are consistent with an ever-changing system of regulatory requirements.  RegNet Environmental Services provides experienced leadership in successfully dealing with the network of comprehensive and complex programs regulating air, surface water, groundwater, drinking water, land use, hazardous substance and waste management, food additives, pesticides, chemical importation and manufacturing and the formulation and manufacturing of many consumer products.  We also assist in preparing emissions reports, worker notifications, product labeling, planning testing programs and designing and implementing compliance and auditing programs which address both present and past environmental activities of regulatory significance.

Bridges The Gap in Available Consulting Services

RegNet was formed in 1987 with the objective of providing a new perspective and approach for dealing with environmental issues.  Responsible managers of environmental programs recognize that compliance with the myriad of regulations requires more than a subscription to the Federal Register and trade publications.  Regulatory and compliance issues are increasingly more sophisticated and impact broad aspects of an organization's daily practices rather than merely "end-of-the-pipe" controls.  The pervasiveness of these requirements demands innovative and aggressive new approaches for identifying affected operations and interacting with regulatory authorities to ensure that legal compliance does not come at the expense of economic competitiveness.

Unlike the large, traditional environmental and engineering firms, which focus on the "nuts-and-bolts," RegNet's consultants approach these technical issues as part of the larger regulatory scheme that has ramifications for a client's operations.  We are not afraid to question whether the regulations apply, whether better alternative strategies may be available, the practicality and cost-effectiveness of the current requirements and the competitive significance of regulatory requirements on an organization's operations.  We actively engage the government and advocate creative approaches for interpreting existing regulations and for adopting regulatory changes consistent with the program's intent.

RegNet understands the role and value of advocacy in this process.  In this regard, we believe RegNet fills a significant gap in the available consulting services.  Whether advising a client on a regulatory or compliance issue or assisting a client's legal counsel in proceedings before judicial or administrative bodies, RegNet consultants use their years of experience in the public and private sector to identify practical solutions.

Customizes Client Services

Our expertise is in understanding the requirements and technical issues associated with environmental and health related regulations and the agencies that deal with these programs.  Providing regulatory support to the regulated community is the mainstay of our business. RegNet Environmental Services is not another large consulting firm whose clients may include the federal government and whose regulatory practice is an ancillary service that it provides behind a "Chinese wall."  The following are some of the services we offer a RegNet client:

Regulatory Response, Congressional Lobbying and Advocacy

RegNet consultants have worked on a wide array of environmental rulemakings before EPA, OSHA, FDA and other federal agencies.  They have prepared public comments, presented oral and written testimony, prepared regulatory impact analyses and met with agency officials and staff to explain a client's unique concerns with a regulatory proposal. RegNet consultants regularly arrange meetings with key members and staff of the Senate and House responsible for environmental legislation and draft legislative analyses, testimony, position papers, bill and report language.

Compliance, Audits and Strategic Planning

RegNet consultants assist clients in securing the necessary regulatory clearances to manufacture and import chemical substances including approvals to manufacture and sell pesticides, food additives and substances used in the formulation of cosmetics and drugs.  For several clients, RegNet routinely reviews and provides advice on the preparation of technically sound submissions to federal and state regulatory agencies.

RegNet consultants also perform audits that assist clients in avoiding compliance problems, improve operational and environmental planning, conduct decision-making regarding the sale or purchase of land or other assets and evaluate contractor remediation effectiveness.  RegNet has developed regulatory compliance programs tailored to a client's operations and needs.

Contractor and Project Management

RegNet consultants serve as project managers to oversee and direct laboratory testing in the areas of toxicological and health effects research.  They have taken lead roles in managing contractor studies and remedial action associated with Super fund and RCRA for individual companies, trade associations and industry coalitions.  RegNet offers substantive technical input and ensures projects are completed in a timely, resource efficient fashion.  Most importantly, RegNet's involvement keeps a project focused on the client's objectives rather than the interests of the contractor or another group.

Litigation and Legal Technical Support

RegNet consultants provide valuable technical assistance in litigation and legal proceedings to law firms and client's legal departments.  Besides expert witness services, RegNet can assist in organizing the technical portions of a legal proceeding by providing expertise useful in depositions or cross-examination.  RegNet consultants are also familiar with the use and development of large data bases and such experience can be of significant assistance in large, complex environmental litigation.