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MCCP and LCCP U.S. Regulatory Status Update – March 2017

Chlorinated Paraffins: Regulatory Update — Compoundings, May 2012 (Reprinted with permission of ILMA.)

ICPIA Statement Regarding Dover Chemical Consent Decree with U.S. EPA on Chlorinated Paraffin Manufacture — February 2012

ICPIA Statement Regarding Canada's Addition of C10-C20 Chloroalkanes to CEPA Schedule 1 — October 2011

April 2009 Update on Canadian Assessment and Proposed Actions for Chlorinated Paraffins

Chlorinated Paraffins: New Actions in Canada Call for Active Industry Participation - April 2009 issue of Compoundings (Reprinted with permission of ILMA.)

Last Updated - February 15, 2012

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