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Examples of Projects

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) — RegNet serves as the regulatory consultant on TSCA matters for several corporate clients and trade associations.  Recent emphasis has been on the preparation and submission of Premanufacture Notices (PMNs),  Notices of Commencement, management of TSCA Section 4 test programs, implementation of TSCA § 5(e) Consent Orders and the development of TSCA compliance programs and auditing activities to meet TSCA §§ 8(c) and 8(e) requirements.

RegNet has also developed internal auditing procedures to assess compliance with TSCA regulations and has advised law firms and corporate clients on enforcement matters.  RegNet has played a key role in developing factual support that clients have used to secure reduction in penalties.

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) — RegNet addresses all facets of the FIFRA registration process as well as state pesticide programs.  RegNet routinely advises clients on cost-effective approaches for entering new markets and assists in the preparation of registration and reregistration applications.  In these activities, RegNet has worked with EPA and states to determine data needs, conducted research literature surveys, negotiated to obtain competitor testing data and structured research data sharing pools.

RegNet has advised on pesticide import/export issues for foreign and domestic companies and prepared product labeling language.  RegNet also regularly assists clients on compliance and enforcement issues.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — RegNet provides strategic assistance in securing approvals to market food additives, drugs and medical devices.  This has included meetings with FDA, managing health effects testing projects and technical review of requisite regulatory filings.

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) — RegNet has analyzed and developed comments on a number of RCRA rulemakings.  Recent efforts have been directed to EPA's proposal to revise the "mixture and derived from" rules and regulations on used oil and application of the hazardous waste "Rebuttable Presumption."  RegNet has also been evaluating for clients issues relating to the "delisting" of hazardous wastes.

RegNet developed for a trade association, a manual providing guidance to comply with RCRA hazardous and non-hazardous regulations.  A regulatory compliance audit with federal and state waste regulations was recently completed for an oil company.

Clean Air Act (CAA) — RegNet is advising clients on the potential impact of new CAA regulations. RegNet consultants have prepared numerous air permits, assisted in negotiating a major enforcement case and has worked on several Title V applications. For a major trade association, RegNet has analyzed EPA technical support documents and prepared advocacy comments designed to minimize the impact of the regulatory requirements.

Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA, otherwise known as SARA Title III) — RegNet has conducted compliance audits for chemical and petroleum companies and prepared advocacy comments submitted to EPA on behalf of a trade association which offered recommendations for reducing the impact of expanding reporting requirements on member companies.  RegNet has assisted in emission reporting and prepared technical support for confidentiality substantiations filed with federal state agencies.

Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) — An association of State Public utilities sought regulatory response assistance on major rulemakings.  RegNet's efforts included the preparation of rulemaking comments, testimony for administrative and legislative hearings.  Assistance was also provided in organizing a national coalition to achieve a broad base of support, which is now reaching out to other groups to create an even larger coalition of interests affected by a radon issue.

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